Sunday, November 23, 2014

Mussar: iThink - Home Hospitality (Avos 1:5)

Rav Hutt

The true warmth of hospitality is measured not in degrees, but rather by the inviting atmosphere that permeates beyond the "Welcome" mat – energizing the entire home.  I experienced one such occasion when a friend and I arrived at our host's home late Saturday night, after they had already gone to sleep.  As two hungry 19 year-old boys, you can imagine our delight when we entered the kitchen and discovered a detailed map of the delicious Shabbos leftovers arranged in the refrigerator.  That was not the mark of someone who would feel guilty for not offering a snack, nor the mark of someone who felt inconvenienced by having a guest.  It was the mark of a thirst to reach out to another person, and reflected genuine enthusiasm for the opportunity to welcome in a guest.  It's not about the plush furniture or size of the house, rather it's the comforting smile and size of the heart that truly makes a person feel welcome.

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