Sunday, November 16, 2014

Mussar: iThink - Obey your thirst (Avos 1:4)

Rav Hutt

What is the importance of thirst?  Thirst is the G-d given sensation that reminds us constantly to replenish our vital supply of water.  Without the feeling of thirst, a person would be at a loss to moderate the body's water level – a potentially fatal problem. With this understanding, the next time we quench our thirst, it will be more than just refreshing; we will realize that we are taking a gulp of life.  Just like the body has an ongoing craving for water, so too the Jewish people thirst for enlightenment, inspiration, and understanding of the Torah.  When we are fortunate to learn, speak, or hear words of Torah, it's so much more than something interesting or informative.  We are engaged in an experience that is both central and vital to the Jewish people's existence.  

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