Sunday, November 9, 2014

Mussar: iThink - Stress Management (Avos 1:3)

Rav Hutt

One great stress management technique is to appreciate that a stressful situation can indicate the presence of a stunning opportunity.  Yet sometimes we tend to only see the burdens in our lives without noticing the accompanying blessings.  

The anxiety felt by the quarterback on Super Bowl Sunday only exists because it is the chance of a lifetime for him to become a national champion and win fame in the eyes of thousands.  Surely his performance is driven by pressure, as well as pleasure.  

We all live very busy lives, filled with familial, professional, educational, and religious obligations (to name a few) that seem overwhelming at times to carryout.  Joy is not my first feeling when my child's cry calls me out of a deep sleep in the middle of the night – for the third time. However, if we focus on the privileges that are intertwined with these obligations, we will find that it is easier to fulfill our responsibilities when we take pride in performing them.

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