Sunday, December 21, 2014

Mussar: iThink - Chanukah

Rav Hutt

When iThink Chanukah, my mind sees smooth flames adorning an ornate menorah; I smell freshlatkes frying in the kitchen; and I hear the spinning draidel roll to a stop.  These are the icons of Chanukah. Just like the icons on the computer do more than decorate the screen, so too, these Chanukah icons open new windows of insight and perspective.  The burning candles tell the miraculous story of Hashem's illuminating love for His chosen people.  The crispy fried latkes remind us that the Jewish people are symbolic of oil. Even when mixed or stirred with other liquids, oil will eventually separate in order to rise above.  The Jewish people cannot be dissolved.  When we spin the draidel, it is with delight that we can learn and practice Torah freely – not driven by fear to hide beneath a game of tops.  This year, may a quick click on icons of Chanukah open up new windows of inspiration and introspection for us all.

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