Sunday, December 28, 2014

Mussar: iThink - I'll Be The Judge (1:9)

Rav Hutt

Imagine the scene: Two parties approach the bench ready to present their claims before the judge.  Each claim more convincing and compelling than the next.  They both offer articulate and believable arguments to why the law is in their respective favor.  And now the honorable judge must resort to his keen intuition, probing questioning, and critical analysis to properly adjudicate the case.  In the courtroom of life, we each preside over a very prominent constituency – ourselves.  Everyday, we are exposed to an array of either spoken or unspoken appeals, for various systems of thinking and ways of life that vie for our confirmation and allegiance.  Justice rests upon neither an assessment of popularity nor convenience.  It is only with extensive probing questioning, critical analysis, and an honest scale that we can determine with whom to align the truth, and in turn with whom to align ourselves.

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