Sunday, December 7, 2014

Mussar: iThink - I'm Losing Control (Avos 1:7)

Rav Hutt

ואל תתיאש מן הפורענות

What am I supposed to do when my shoulders ache from supporting what feels like the weight of the world?  Where am I to turn after I have exhausted every possibility imaginable?  How am I to feel when it seems I am losing control?  Helpless!  In truth, I am not the one who is in control.  There are many limitations to what I can do.  And my shoulders do not need to ache because the weight is not carried by me alone.  Our role is to put forth diligent responsible effort, and G-d in His infinite wisdom guides the happenings of the world in perfection.  As dark and desperate as a situation may appear to be at the moment from our perspective, the truly limitless Controller can bring about not only relief, rather the means for success and tranquility as well. 

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