Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Understanding Tefilah: Mizmor Shir Channukat HaBayit L’Dovid - 4

Rav Lessin

“Hashem, He’elita min Sh’ol Nafshi, Chiytani M’yordi Bor.”  

Two points to remember:

1. This pasuk shares a similar meaning to what Dovid HaMelech said two psukim ago – that Hashem saved me from the dark place I was in – the main difference being that this pasuk is said more emphatically, more powerfully.  The reason for this is the epiphany Dovid had in the middle pasuk, namely that Hashem is intimately involved in his life (“Hashem Elokai!”).  When a person realizes Hashem’s personal involvement and care in his life, he speaks to Hashem with more passion.  If we want to feel passion when we daven, we should work on detecting Hashem’s presence right here, in real time.

2. Dovid thanks Hashem for saving him from “sh’ol nafshi,” and for giving him life when he was in a pit.  It’s possible that Dovid was referring to his emotional state as well as his physical situation. “Sh’ol” is a reference to hell, which is often the way people describe feeling depressed, a “living hell,” a form of inner death.  Dovid suffered extremely on the inside, and Hashem brought him back to life (“chiytani”) when he was in that dark, black place.  Sometimes when a person is down and out, it’s hard to know where to turn.  We see from Dovid that Hashem is able to help us even at times like that.

L’Refuat Gavriel Pinchas ben Devorah Zlata

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