Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Understanding Tefilah: Mizmor Shir Channukat HaBayit L’Dovid – 6

Rav Lessin

“Ki Rega B’Apo, Chaim Birtzono, B’erev Yalin Bechi V’laboker Rina.”  

3 points to remember:

1. When Hashem gets angry with us, it’s only for a moment.  His main razton is for us to be filled with chiyus and feel fully alive.  Hashem uses anger as a corrective measure at times, only for the purpose of pointing out where we have gone astray.  By helping us get back on the right path, Hashem is setting us up to receive what he really wants to give us: chayim.

2. “Ki” connects this pasuk to the previous one.  There, Dovid HaMelech referred to Hashem as “Zecher Kadsho,” which we explained is a reference to His four letter name.  That name connotes Hashem as the Source of all things, even that which seems opposite to us at times.  In this pasuk we are shown an example of the opposite “faces” of Hashem.  Hashem is a loving parent who wants us to have life, and yet at times He must show us a side of anger as a means of promoting that goal.  We thank Hashem for both these sides, because we know they both come from the same Source and are expressed for our ultimate good.

3. One way in which Hashem helps us recover from His anger is by giving us a new start each day.  Each morning we have the chance to put the previous days mistakes behind us and wake up with joy.  We wipe away tears and frustration, and look at all the new possibilities and opportunities that lie ahead today. Hashem’s daily gift of starting fresh is an expression of His desire for us to succeed.

L’Refuat Gavriel Pinchas ben Devorah Zlata

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