Monday, March 2, 2015

Mussar: iThink - Purim

Every year Purim comes, and sadly Purim goes,
But the profound depth of the day – barely anybody knows.
A little jelly and some crunch, made to be a hat
Three cornered cookies are a treat, but there is surely more than that.

iThink the essence of the day can shed a lot light
On how a Jew relates, when he finds himself in plight.
It's the practice of our fathers; we don't need a new way
Just turn to G-d and focus, let your heart open and pray.

Hashem is always here, with His constant guiding 'Hand'
In every single neighborhood, or distant far-flung land.
When we're in the moment, sometimes it's hard to see
But in hindsight – if we look – we find Hashem loves me.

This little Purim rhyme, is simple but it's true
Take this little message as a gift from us to you.

Have a Happy Purim - Binyamin Hutt

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