Sunday, April 12, 2015

Mussar: iThink - The Sum is Greater than its Parts (Avos 2:2)

Rav Hutt

Any community entity, be it educational, religious, or business, by nature consists of different people's backgrounds, strengths and weaknesses.  This resembles an elegant quilt that comprises unique components, yielding a warm, secure, and unified masterpiece.  However, 20 pieces of soft colorful fabric lying side by side do not have nearly the same effect as a plush and inviting quilt.  It is the minute thread that runs through adjoining each swatch, and the talented precise stitch work, that turn cloth into comfort.  Despite being practically invisible to the onlooker, every community also has its own seamstresses and tailors to unite the people together – sewing individuals into communities.  It is the people who plan, the people that coordinate, and the people who provide for the members of a group that deserve recognition for creating our warm and beautiful communities. 

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