Monday, May 4, 2015

Mussar: iThink - Common Unity (Avos 2:5)

Rav Binyamin Hutt

Community, as indicated in its etymological construct, is the expression of common unity.  Let us define what these two components are, and perhaps more importantly, what they are not.  Commonality amongst a group's constituents should include shared values, goals, and priorities; despite differing approaches.  It does not mean however, that everyone must adhere to uniformity and relinquish all individuality.  Regarding unity, any group or community must recognize the value of every member.  Only then can the foundations of commitment and loyalty be established – providing stability for ourselves and others alike.  As inclusive as unity seems to sound, it does not mean tolerating people or ideas that undermine and endanger the essence and objectives of a given community.  Surely we are part of some sort of community, be it religious, personal, or professional, of which we must attempt to strengthen its elements of common or unity

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