Monday, June 15, 2015

Mussar: iThink - Identity Theft (Avos 2:9)

Rav Binyamin Hutt

We have become a society of passwords and security questions, finger prints and retina scans – all to forefend from the ever feared, identity theft.  But is it really your identity that is in danger?  Your social security number, ATM pin or confidential information are undoubtedly valuable and of great importance to remain private, yet they do not personify you.  Hence YOU are not at risk.  True dangers however, are forgetting about your past, ignoring your potential today, and losing sight of your future.  These catastrophes threaten us, as individuals and as the Jewish nation collectively, when we submit to the whims of society and blindly conform to popular consensus.  Although powerful undercurrents of various “isms” have tugged at our hearts, we have endured.  Knowing that the identity of our people is inextricable from Torah has literally been the tree of life for those who hold fast to it.  It is therefore incumbent upon us to identify with our identity, and do everything in our control to protect it.

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