Monday, August 31, 2015

Mussar: iThink - You're A Star (2-12)

Rav Hutt

The entire world was created for me and I play a unique role that in no way can be replicated or executed by anyone else.  There is a clear purpose in my life, for if not, I wouldn't be here.  This opportunity of greatness, importance, and self worth is the manifestation of being a creation – created in the image of G-d.  A treasure endowed to every single person.  While sitting in an airplane with 400 people or a stadium filled with thousands, the danger arises of getting lost in the crowd.  As nerve-racking as it may be to lose my car keys or cell phone, nothing can compare to the fright of losing my sense of self.  Such a feeling can impede personal growth and accomplishment.  Although we are compared to the sand of the sea that is only noticed in mass, we are also described to be like the stars in the sky.  Every star is seen and shines on its own from a place that no other star can stand. 

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