Monday, November 23, 2015

iThink - Silence Is Not Golden (2:18)

Rav Binyamin Hutt

ואל תהי רשע בפני עצמך

It is frightening but true.  A human being is more fragile than the finest crystal, and the deafening sound of silence can totally shatter a person's self esteem.  A parent, employer, or friend who rarely compliments or offers acknowledgement, may not know how far reaching the unspoken damage is.  Even the most gifted and talented people thrive with boosts of self-esteem, let alone those who have less natural potential and depend on external support.  Someone deprived of his psychological nourishment can possibly conceal his pain, yet it is only a matter of time until the harm manifests itself in untold ways.  Fortunately the converse is true, and hopefully more prevalent.  With your simple compliment, you can effortlessly lift the crushing bricks of doubt and self condemnation that had been weighing so heavily before.  With one encouraging word, you can infuse in anyone the poise to cultivate his potential, strength to succeed, and confidence to create greatness.

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