Sunday, December 13, 2015

iThink: Chanukah - There is Something in the Air [Rav Binyamin Hutt]

If you have impeccable faith and abundant talents, coupled with focused determination, do you also need a healthy atmosphere to survive?  Here is an experiment you can try at home: Take any candle and light the wick on fire.  Once the flame has caught, carefully secure a clear inverted cup over the flame.  You will find that although you never even touched the candle, in moments it was extinguished due to the lack of oxygen.  Proper atmospheric elements are vital!  At this time of year we reflect upon our ancestors who fought with courage and integrity, to perpetuate the Jewish heritage.  The culture of the time threatened to suffocate our spiritual potential.  The eternal light unto the nations was about to be snuffed out.  It is therefore no coincidence, that the Chanukah miracles are remembered by the light of flickering flames dancing with great grace.  By reassessing the influences and various atmospheres we find ourselves in, our spark from within will miraculously shine like never before.

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