Thursday, December 24, 2015

iThink - Real World (Avos 2:20) [Rav Binyamin Hutt]

היום קצר והמלאכה מרובה והפועלים עצלים והשכר הרבה ובעל הבית דוחק

Welcome to the real world.  The real world is where time is of the essence, despite the illusionary notion of unlimited minutes.  Every precious moment of our lives must be accounted for, even on nights and weekends.  The real world is where there are social, moral and religious expectations of us that must be met, which are able to be met.  Every segment of the day has its own meaningful governing directions – at home, at play, and especially at work.  Life is not a series of haphazard chaos, and therefore it has profound meaning.  The real world is where effort and energy exerted are the metrics of success.  Good intentions are rewarded, and the thought does actually count.  Achievements are scored relative to yourself, not subjectively in relation to others.  The real world is where salaries, automobiles, and designer clothing are not indicative of personal stature.  Physical adornments attract a great deal of attention, but leave the person unchanged.  Sounds like a wonderful place?  You already are living in the real world. 

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