Sunday, January 31, 2016

IThink - Law and Order (Avos 3:2) [Rav Binyamin Hutt]

It is all too often that we are subjected to a disturbing report relating another offense or felony.  It is right there on the front page or smart-phone, alongside your coffee, as you roll out of bed.  We are neither oblivious to the world around us, nor ignorant of all the pervasive dangers.  Why don't we care?  How can we move on to the sports page as if nothing happened?  We might not be lawyers, judges, or law enforcement agents, but there is something we can do.  We are members of society who should care enough to take a moment to pray for the general wellbeing of our fellow citizens.  Never underestimate the power of prayer.  They may be called headlines, but each news flash must penetrate our hearts.  Additionally, while we should always hope to live in a more perfected world, we must simultaneously thank Hashem for allowing the governing nations to facilitate real life law and order

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