Sunday, November 2, 2014

Mussar: iThink - Mission Statement of Our World (Avos 1:2)

Rav Hutt

The mission statement of an organization defines the purpose of the organization's existence, and guides its activity and culture.  If the business does not have clarity in its direction, it is rather challenging to meet any goals.  It is worthwhile therefore, to take a moment to think about the world in which we live.  

Chazal define the mission statement of the world by relating that there are three things for which the world was created: Torah, serving Hashem, and performing acts of kindness.  These goals are not meant to be segregated and focused upon in isolation.  Rather, they are like the fusion points of an entrepreneurial dream.  They collectively target all areas of proficiency needed in order to succeed.  One area greatly influences and impacts the other.  

Every person's life is also a fusion of experience, be it large or small.  This is true as an individual, as well as a member of the community.  When we build ourselves, we are building the world.  Striving for all of these goals personally will be the surest guarantee for accomplishing them communally.

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