Monday, January 19, 2015

Mussar: iThink - Keep Your Eyes to Yourself (Avos 1:12)

Rav Hutt

It is the integration of unique talents and distinctive sounds that make harmonious music so appealing.  How should we seek to create a home, community, or world with harmonious Shalom – a state of completion?  I once heard of a man who had the good fortune that all of his children grew up with sterling character traits and loving relationships.  When asked what his secret was, he replied simply, "Whenever I saw one of my kids doing something I disapproved of, instead of scolding them, I turned to myself to see where they perhaps learned such behavior, and then worked on myself."  The objective is not to be naïve and 'anything goes.'  A person is a work-in-progress and is bound to exhibit some fallacies.  While the tendency is to love ourselves and scrutinize others, the mature and productive tactic to reach harmonious Shalom is by scrutinizing ourselves and investing in loving others.

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