Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Understanding Tefilah: Mizmor Shir Channukat HaBayit L’Dovid - 3

Rav Lessin

“Hashem Elokai! Shivati Elecha Vatirpa’eini.”  

2 points to remember:

1. “Hashem, my G-d.” We address Hashem as One with whom we have a personal relationship.  Hashem is involved in my life.  He pays attention to me, “thinks” about me, and cares about me.  For Dovid, this understanding came as a result of sensing yad Hashem in his own life.  He didn’t need any intellectual proofs that Hashem was intimately involved with his own personal world.  He knew it from first-hand experience.

2. “I called out to Hashem and He healed me.”  With these words, we affirm our belief in Hashem as an address to Whom we can call.  We turn to Hashem in times of need, because we trust that He’s there, and that He wants us to talk to Him.  We have at least three opportunities each day to speak openly with Hashem about our struggles.  Why not take advantage of them?

L’Refuat Gavriel Pinchas ben Devorah Zlata

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