Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Tefilah: Mizmor Shir Channukat HaBayit L’Dovid – 7

Rav Lessin

“V’ani amarti b’shalvi, bal emot l’olam.” “And I said in my tranquility, ‘I will never falter.’”

Until this point, Dovid HaMelech had been proclaiming his realization of Hashem’s salvation, and our obligation to thank Him in return.  Now, Dovid pauses to reflect upon how it happened that he forgot Hashem’s presence in his life.  How is it possible to not remember the One who picked him up when he was down and pulled him out of such a hard place?

Dovid answers with a truth of the human condition, that when things are good in our lives and we feel a sense of equilibrium, we tend to think that conditions will remain as such, and that we do not need any help from the outside.  We feel as if we have finally reached the point at which everything will work out from here.  We fall into the illusion of self-sufficiency, believing that we can do it on our own, that we no longer need Hashem’s help.  Although we may not say this to ourselves consciously, many of us are guilty of acting in ways that show He is no longer on our minds.  We cry out to Him when times are hard, and forget about Him when times are good.

L’Refuat Gavriel Pinchas ben Devorah Zlata

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