Sunday, July 5, 2015

Mussar: IThink - This is Holy Advice (Avos 2:11)

Rav Binyamin Hutt

It is a popular notion that with 10,000 hours of practice you can become an expert at anything.  Anyone can do it, but no shortcuts.  Exerting minimal energy and expecting maximal output, is akin to trying to drive cross-country on a single tank of gas.  Without the adequate fuel, there is no chance of reaching the desired destination.  However can success be the product of merely extreme patience and the passage of time?  To develop mastery of any given area, the hours must be focused towards an objective, with a plan to implement gradual change.  Developing expertise also requires subjecting oneself to critique and criticism in order to improve.  After all the countless hours of calculated experience invested to truly perfect a given discipline, it is worthwhile to chose a noble, honorable, holy endeavor to dedicate this much energy towards.  A pursuit that both our ancestors and future generations will be proud of.

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