Thursday, November 12, 2015

iThink - 3D Judaism (Avod 2:17)

Rav Hutt

וכל מעשיך יהיו לשם שמים

Religion sounds nice, but what's in it for me?  We usually relate to religion as consisting of two dimensions – ritual practice and mandated restrictions.  Seen from this vantage point, religion can be a very flat and tedious part of life.  Yet there is a third dimension to Judaism that brings our religion alive.  We focus on the relationship with G-d even beyond the obvious religious obligations.  The majority of our day consists of necessary but seemingly mundane activities, such as earning a living, doing laundry, or eating.  However, when the above mentioned tasks (or others of the like) are carried out with a mindset of, "I am doing this for the sake of Heaven," they themselves become bursts of holiness elevating our entire day.  We can constantly remain connected to a source of greatness and meaning.  This 3D perspective, where sanctity from the sanctuary overflows into the office, kitchen, and gym, enables a real-life Jewish experience of depth and beauty.  

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